Building Human Capital through Hands on Technology and Collaborative Learning....

With ever rapidly changing technology, the future is accelerating and Robotech Pvt Ltd is inspiring change to empower all.

The technology should not be used only for flow of information but also as a tool which is used “HANDS ON” for various types of learning to prepare lifelong learners. There are a flood of products that are being launched around the world but lacks the awareness and penetration among the end users. In this endeavour, Robotech Private Limited strives to bring the latest Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) products from around the globe with a defined learning goal which is efficient and deliverable at the same time.

In this era of shared economy, Robotech has launched a platform for shared learning with emphasis on goal oriented learning. The aim of this platform is to create a market place where value addition can be provided based on shared and focused learning.

There are several companies which are working on the cutting edge technologies such as IoT, AI, Automation to name a few. There would be several that will join the bandwagon and many more to be launched. This will essentially create a gap in the skilled manpower available and that will be required. Robotech works from grass root level and has programs Playschool to School to Engineering/Management and for the Corporates, and hence, plays a pivotal role in Human Development.

“Change is the only Constant”